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A TV Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Comunicato stampa   •   dic 18, 2008 10:52 CET

Sony’s commitment to quality has been recognised in the annual PC World ‘HD TV Reliability and Service Survey’ - with the BRAVIA range taking the top spot, over and above all competitor brands. Voted for by over 16,000 PC World customers, who ranked 16 companies based on a combination of their customer service, hardware reliability and ease of use, Sony won praise in several categories.

Bob Mariotti of Marlborough, Connecticut, one of those who took part in the survery, admitted to ‘spending big’ on a 40-inch LCD TV. He said that the picture quality, “Absolutely blew us away. Buy the best you can afford, and most times it'll pay for itself in satisfaction.” Another, Alan Ronkin, added: “I’ve gone with Sony for many years. I find them to be reliable and high-quality, and they last a long time.”

With the credit crunch meaning many are having to pick their gifts more carefully this Christmas, choosing a present for a loved one that you know will stand the test of time is more important than ever before. Sony has always prided itself on producing reliable, quality products and its BRAVIA TV range is no exception.

Hiroshi Sakamoto, Marketing and Product Planning Vice President, TV Marketing, Sony Europe said, “We recognise that the purchase of a HD TV is a big investement and we aim to provide TVs that keep on delivering the best possible viewing experience. The PC World survey is a great endorsement of our unrivalled expertise in High-Definition TV technology and our commitment to providing the best entertainment experience with products that last.”