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Find your inner peace: Sony introduces world’s first digital noise cancelling headphones

Comunicato stampa   •   apr 07, 2008 01:00 CEST

  • Best-ever noise cancelling performance up to 99%*
  • Digital technology with Artificial Intelligence adjusts noise cancelling profile to suit your environment
  • Superb hi-fi sound quality
  • Monitor switch

Weybridge, 7th April 2008 - Now travellers can enjoy their favourite music in absolute serenity, with the world’s first digital noise cancelling headphones from Sony.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or train commuter needing to shut out engine noise – or just keen to reduce distracting sounds at work – the new MDR-NC500D cuts an incredible 99%* of ambient noise while bathing you in supreme hi-fi sound.

The MDR-NC500D represents a radical departure from conventional noise cancelling headphones. They’re the first ever headphones to use digital technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve noise cancellation performance while ensuring optimum audio quality.

A powerful processor inside the MDR-NC500D automatically adapts the cancellation profile to suit the characteristics of ambient noise. In normal use, pushing the ‘AI Mode’ button makes the headphones select automatically from three cancellation modes to suit the surroundings – whether on an aircraft, a bus or train, or in the office. Alternatively, pressing down and holding the mode switch allows the user to manually select the cancellation profile that’s most effective in their environment. A monitor switch is provided for temporary listening to external sounds like cabin announcements.

Class-leading noise cancelling ability is complemented by superb reproduction. Generously-sized 40mm drivers deliver an extended frequency response, high signal to noise ratio and excellent dynamic range.

With a generous 15 hours operation between charges of the supplied lithium ion battery, the MDR-NC500D shuts out distracting noise for the longest continental flight or train journey. For extra convenience, it can also operate using disposable AA cells if you don’t have a charging point handy while you’re travelling.

The premium protective travel case provides a handy pocket for storing your MP3 player or passport and storage for all the components that support these headphones.

Also new from Sony, the sleekly-styled MDR-NC40 offers excellent noise cancelling performance with comfortable extended wear. The light, space-saving folding design is ideal for travellers and commuters who want to enjoy quality audio with great isolation in an affordable, sleekly styled package.

* Based on Sony measurement standards


The MDR-NC500D and MDR-NC40 noise cancelling headphones are available to order now at

Environmental Info

Sony is engaged in a constant review of its manufacturing, operational and business practices to ensure that its products are developed in an environmentally responsible way. This approach can broadly be divided into three areas:

PRODUCT: Extended user documentation is provided electronically to reduce paper use.

PROCESS: The packaging uses recyclable paper to reduce the impact on the environment.

PLANET: Sony is determined to lead the way as a responsible manufacturer, and as a result we are focussing on three key areas of investment:

  1. Reducing CO2 gas emissions
  2. Increasing the percentage of renewable energy used in manufacturing facilities
  3. Minimising the resources used by our factories in manufacturing