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Sony unveils another world first: the BRAVIA-drome

Comunicato stampa   •   dic 05, 2008 08:00 CET

What’s 10 metres across, spins at over 40kph in northern Italy and smashes world records? Easy, it’s the BRAVIA-drome - a massive zoetrope that is the star of Sony’s latest marketing campaign.

Sony is renowned for creating iconic commercials for its BRAVIA TV range, but the BRAVIA-drome, built to show consumers just how Motionflow works, looks set to raise the bar even higher. Not only that, but this is one phenomenon that looks set to go global, as BRAVIA-drome is Sony’s first ever worldwide creative campaign for its revolutionary TV brand.

The inspiration behind the BRAVIA-drome was the zoetrope, a device invented in the 19th century to create short ‘films’ from a series of static images. This device was seen as the perfect way to demonstrate just how Motionflow 200Hz technology creates super-smooth pictures in the modern day.

The television advert is currently being filmed in a square in Venaria, near Turin, and stars FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or holder, Brazilian soccer sensation Kaká. The FIFA World Cup winner will appear in a series of images inside the BRAVIA-drome performing some of his legendary skills.

The football theme was chosen as watching a match is one of the best ways to fully appreciate the effect of Motionflow 200Hz. The technology effortlessly eliminates all jerkiness and smoothes the flight of the ball as it crashes into the back of net, making sure the fans at home feel like they could be in the stadium themselves. Motionflow also makes fast-moving action sequences in movies much clearer and smoother.

To add to the spectacle, football juggling champion Dan Magness will be making an appearance at the shoot attempting to smash three Guinness World Records. Dan is already a record breaker and has trained some of the very best players in the world – from Francesco Totti to Michael Owen – in the art of controlling a football.

But there’s more to the campaign than just a television ad - the BRAVIA-drome will be appearing in print, digital and below the line elements of the overall campaign (as well as providing an unforgettable experience for anyone who gets to see it in action of course!). In addition, the spinning spectacle has been designed so it can be dismantled and easily transported, meaning it can have a life beyond the shoot itself.

Since the online community has been such an avid supporter of previous creative campaigns, Sony has also designed a whole range of content exclusively for bloggers, websites and social networks to allow them to have their very own BRAVIA-drome experience.

Once again, the advert is being produced by advertising agency Fallon London – the creative team who brought you the ‘Balls’, ‘Paint’ and ‘Play-doh’ trilogy of BRAVIA TV adverts for Sony – and is directed by up and coming director Vernie Yeung, who has previously helmed music videos for top artists including Kylie Minogue. The advert will be filmed using one of Sony’s own cameras, the F35 Professional HD.

“The BRAVIA-drome has been designed to explain the technology behind Motionflow in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand”, says Giles Morrison, General Manager, Marketing Communications, Sony Europe. “As we have proved with previous campaigns, including ‘Balls’, ‘Paint’ and ‘Play-doh’, simple ideas effectively executed can be immensely powerful. This is about delivering a truly spectacular experience that people can believe in. The choice of Kaka was an easy one, as not only does he have that superstar quality but football is an ideal way to show our customers the full effect of Motionflow 200Hz.”

“I want to create an air of anticipation amongst the watching TV audience,” says director Vernie Yeung. “This is achieved by initially revealing some of the smaller details of the structure, then showing it in its entirety to demonstrate the sheer size and scale of the BRAVIA-drome and finally giving the viewer a glimpse of its surroundings. The suspense builds until the perfectly smooth images of Kaká showcasing his amazing skills are unveiled. This advert is a unique event, demonstrated by the look of sheer awe and amazement on the faces of the watching public.”

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